Aviation Operations Manuals and Documentation

NEWS - Flight Operations Regulations

On 2 December 2021, new regulations will commence covering the operating and flight rules, as well as certification and management, for a variety of aircraft and operations.

These Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASRs) will apply to all pilots and almost all operators in Australia.

AOC holders will be required by the regulations, to submit early extracts of their Exposition or Operation Manual in relation to two key requirements of the Flight Operations CASR Parts including Change Management process and procedures for carriage of aerial work passengers. These extracts must be provided to by 5 October 2021. 

ACATSS specialises in the delivery of Operations Manuals, Expositions and documentation for all fixed wing and rotary operations whether for start-up organisations requiring the full suite of manuals through to established operators that require manual reviews. Our manuals are structured to be consistent with CAAP 215 and requirements with CASR Part 91,119, 133, 135, 138.

Our team have been involved in the development of manuals and documentation for charter organisations, aeromedical operators, emergency service operators and Government organisations.

If your existing manuals and expositions require reviews and updates due to regulatory changes or are just due an update our experienced team can assist.

The manuals and expositions we develop include:

  • Operations Manuals / Expositions

  • Training and Checking Manual (CAR 217, Part 141 and 142)

  • Training Syllabus

  • Safety Management Systems Manual

  • Dangerous Goods Manual

  • Quality  Manual

  • Transport Security Plans

  • Electronic Flight Bag Procedures Manual

  • Operational Risk Profiles

  • Fatigue Management System

  • Maintenance organisation and CAMO expositions (Parts 42 & 145)

  • Emergency Response Procedures

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Company Standards & Manuals